The Thursday Interview: Habit To

We chat to Durban-based rock band Habit To about their new album, life on the road and the state of the local music industry.

In a nutshell, how would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

In a nutshell we are a hard hitting 3 piece rock outfit with powerful female vocals. We are influenced by many bands like Tool, Iron Maiden, Perfect Circle, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, ACDC and a whole lot more! Our music has loud bits and quiet bits, but mainly LOUD bits!

You’re about to embark on national tour to launch your new single ‘Ready to Rumble’. Tell us a bit about the song. 

The Song ‘Ready To Rumble’ came together in the rehearsal space with the start of the bass line and developed over the course of the rehearsal. It is a song about never giving up and always being ready to get up and go which is what Habit To is all about. But then again that’s just my interpretation of the song and that’s the beauty of music, you decide what it means to you.

You toured extensively last year with the launch of your second album. Let us in on some of the unseen moments of a touring band! 

Well unseen moments on tour are all about being unseen! There were a lot of good times on that tour but Chillie and Bundy both had flu for the first two weeks and we had shows every night so it was play the show and head home in the icy winters to try get rest for the next night. But we met a lot of awesome people on that tour and played with some rad bands. 

We hear you are planning on touring internationally too. Where are you hoping to travel to?

Well we initially had plans to tour China but there have been some red tape issues we are working through so that has been put on to the 2014 roster giving us more time to sort that out. We also busy dealing with a band manager in the UK at the moment who would like to do a tour swop scenario where his band comes out to SA for 3 weeks and then we go out to the UK for 3 weeks and both bands will tour together. But having said that its still in the prep stages and will also be part of our 2014 cycle.

What do you think the state of the local music industry is at the moment?

I would say as an industry we are still growing and learning everyday. But what would we know, we’re just a touring band making music for our fans and making fans as we move through the country.

For tour dates and more info check out the band’s Facebook page here:



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