Thoughts And Predictions On Idols Top 10

Last night the Idols Top 10 took the show to a new level with the first Spectacular of the season in the imposing Moreleta Park NG Church Auditorium in Pretoria, in front of an excited live audience which included the world-renowned South African-born performer, Jonathan Butler. The musical theme chosen for the Top 10 by the judges this week was ‘Cheese’, which saw the contestants rehearsing some of the cheesiest songs ever to hit the airwaves, under the expert mentorship of South African hip-hop icon AKA.

Our Idols Correspondent, Chris Luther was at the taping of the event and we chatted to him about his thoughts and predictions from the night.

Chris, Idols has a new home for the Top 10 in Pretoria. What are your thoughts on the new venue and city? 

Chris Luther

Chris Luther

I was quite surprised to see the change of venue as Mosaic has felt like the home of Idols for such a long time now. However, the venue is a definite upgrade. Logistics such as parking (availability) traffic congestion (arriving and leaving the venue) as well as getting to your seat is much quicker and easier. The stage looks amazing (size, lighting) and provides many different options for future weeks. Also having almost double the amount of people who can watch the shows live will just add to the atmosphere, especially as the competition gets closer to crowning the next winner and people starting to have firm favourites.

As an avid Idols fan, how do this years Top 10 compare to previous seasons?

I think so far this season has been the most inconsistent, therefore making it quite interesting. Normally there are only 2 individuals leading the pack and we are just waiting to see how the cards fall for the others. This season, more than others, we are changing the top 3 and bottom 3 weekly. People who I felt should have left might be of the best performances the next week making the outcomes unpredictable and very much performance on the night based. Song choice is going to make the difference in a contestant staying one more week and going home more so than ever before. Would be interesting to see how this affects the voting totals as people are not yet voting passionately for their favourite irrespective of how good or bad they performed.  

Predictions for who’s going home this week? 

Last week all 8 girls seemed like they might have been able to make the top 5, making the guys look like amateurs. However this week my top 3 are all boys (Musa, Sonke and Innocent) and the bottom 3 all girls (Tumi, Zoe and Christina). Crystalene should be in the bottom 3 but I assume she  might miss it as she already has a bit of a fan base built up.

Watch what happens live this Tuesday at 7:30pm on M-Net and Mzanzi Magic.

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