We Chat To CrashCarBurn On The Release Of New Album

We recently chatted to Garth Barnes from CrashCarBurn on the release of their brand new album, Headlights.


Congrats on the release of the new album! What can fans expect from this one?

Thank you sir! Feels good to finally have it out! I think fans can expect the same big choruses and anthemic melodies we tried to create in previous releases, just in a different packaging. The sound is a bit calmer, less distortion and angst but still distinctively CrashCarBurn!


It’s been six years since your last release. What have you guys been up to, and why did you decide now is the time for this album?

I think there’s been an industry trend for a while to release singles rather than full length albums. We did that for a while and, even though we haven’t released a full album since 2012, we’ve released a good number of singles during that time. The problem with only writing singles is that you focus on creating tracks that you think will have traction on radio. You begin to miss out on other gems that might not be right for radio but are still great songs and that’s why we wanted to do a full length album. It’s an easy way to lose track of the identity of the band as you continually chase what is popular with mainstream media. I’m glad we took a step back, slowed down and decided it was time for an album. 


Tell us about the title track, Headlights. 

Ah yes, this is quite a different one for us! It’s basically an 80’s slow-jam … something you might have expected to hear on the original Karate-kid movies! Haha! Still despite being a departure from what we’re usually focused on, it’s a band fovourite, we love the way it turned out.

With over a decade in the industry, what are your thoughts of the SA music scene at the moment? 

I think it’s probably the strongest it’s ever bean as a whole! So many great acts coming out all the time and they are really up there on a par with international acts. That gap in quality that was easy to spot ten years ago has completely disappeared. It’s great to see how far things have come.
What else can fans expect from CrashCarBurn this year?
Well we’ve hardly played at all for a while now while we were working on the album. Now that it’s done, we’re itching to get out there and share it with our fans, so the plan is to do as many live shows as we possibly can! We’ve got a bunch of gigs lined up (Stellies, CT, Centurion, Fourways) and then a couple of festivals later in the year including Oppikoppi in August). All the details are up on our Facebook.
Pictures: by Andre Badenhorst

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