Werner Bekker Returns With Another Stellar Single

South African singer-songwriter Werner Bekker has really began to make a name for himself and we can see why. Though indie-folk, his songs are dramatic and heartfelt.

Ahead of making his Oppikoppi debut in August, the budding artist releases a stellar new single ‘I’m With You’. The song is a follow-up to his first quarter release ‘Alive Again’, and shares the personal story of a break-up. We caught up with Werner to find out more.

Werner Bekker 1 - Credit Xavier Saer_preview

You boosted your profile a lot over the last year, what changed?

I realised that as much as I love being free-spirited and happy-go-lucky I needed to do more in order to reach more people. I started investing more time and money into my marketing and performance and giving it complete focus. I still have a day job but in all honesty, performance is what I strive to work towards and do best.

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt?

That music is a career as much as a passion and that you cannot reach your goals with creativity and passion alone. You have to push and get yourself noticed and talk to people and make sure you enjoy every process. Make your life fun, because some things are going to be tedious and boring but if you can see the bright side, nothing can stop you from doing everything you possibly can.

Werner Bekker 5 - Credit Xavier Saer_preview

You’ve been confirmed for Oppikoppi this year, what are you most looking forward to?

Playing my original music to the awesome Oppikoppoi folks. I’ve been to Oppikoppi twice and have always been in awe of how the audience accommodates the artists. It’s a magical and life changing experience and I am so excited to be one of the musicians helping people to have a great time. I’m also very excited to enjoy the festival with some of my friends and go watch some killer local and international talent.

Tell us about the new single… What is it about?

The new single is a multifaceted story centred around a metaphor of a car breaking down – the car representing a relationship. It explores all of the phases one goes through when a relationship is ended, such as denial, anger, hope, frustration etc.

Who are some of your influences and how have they impacted your style of music and writing?

My top three have to be Damien Rice (the main influence for the new single), Ben Howard and Glen Hansard.


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